Practicing Essay Writing

If you have 12 months for example or two months in a month practice essay writing twice just twice twice is nothing you need to spend like one and a half hour for NSA and in a whole month you need to spend three hours or maybe six hours practicing sn6 is nothing to gain marks and you can increase your score from essay a lot okay so let’s see the next thing so for the next 15 to 20 minutes what you need to do is randomly put down your thoughts now once you have chosen your topic you have memorized the topic you need to remember all the points all these years all these months of preparation you have read because whatever topic you choose suppose you choose a topic on war or on Paul a political situation or anything you might not have read the exact thing somewhere you must have read it somewhere in bits and pieces.

And now is the time you need to converge them arrange them in your essay in a strategic manner so randomly put down your thoughts what does randomly mean we’ll discuss when we’ll discuss these stages in detail so after choosing the topic memorizing the topic in a rough sheet in a plain white sheet in the last page of eggs are you know answer sheets maybe write down those thoughts in a random fashion okay what is random fashion we’ll discuss after that you need to do committed brainstorming suppose in random man oh you have written down lot of points on the paper now under every point suppose these are the points you have jotted down so if there’s a point a in committed brainstorming you will try to write what all you’re gonna write the key words you have to write would all you’re gonna write under the point a what all you’re gonna write under the heading B this is committed brainstorming okay so once you have randomly put down your thoughts in the paper and then you have done the committed brainstorming for the last or next five minutes you need to prioritize the topic.

So whatever you have written randomly you need to sequence those headings like in the execution stage how you’re going to write them in the essay okay so this is what you have to do so after you are done with this committed brainstorming you need to write the conclusion and then you need to write the introductory paragraph conclusion you need to write before introduction because in the introduction para when you know finally where your raw essay is heading ending two words you can add the two lines of the conclusion is a summary in the end of your introductory paradise right introduction paragraph after you’re finished with your conclusion paragraph right so this was the planning stage now comes the main stage that is the execution where actually you have to write the essay once you’re well done with your planning stage then you won’t take much time you just have to write down whatever you have jotted down in the planning stage you just have to write down in a sequential manner in the execution stage.