How To Write 5 Paragraph Essay

Once you get the first one written one in five are just reiterating what you are going to do and what you have done and write themselves after you get these ones written so that’s a really good way to write a strong five paragraph essay that’s reader friendly and well-structured and that will be written fairly quickly before writing a single paragraph don’t start writing a paragraph until you have outlined your argument and your points okay so let’s take a look at how this outlining could be done so here’s here’s the argument we’re going to do for a fictional essay that we’re not actually going to write to completion but to show you how to structure an outline to organize your thoughts mopeds are better than cars. Find great 5 paragraph essay examples at Edusson.

We’re going to use this greater than symbol this mathematical greater than symbol to mean better than in this sense okay so mopeds are better than cars this is your statement let’s come up with three ways that this is correct so here are three ways in which mopeds are better than cars they’re more gas efficient they’re cheaper and they’re slower which means there are fewer accidents there’s three reasons here that mopeds are better than cars there’s three body paragraphs in the five paragraph essay is this a coincidence no there are no coincidences on this channel three reasons mopeds are better than cars three body paragraphs oh three body paragraphs just like that here’s the statement you want to make in your five paragraph essay here are three pieces of proof here are the outlines for your three body paragraphs you’ve already written your the content you need to come up with a topic sentence a claim an argument and a proof for each of your three body paragraphs and then all you need is a concluding sentence that says in addition to that however as well as that here is this next thing just like that you have given yourself enough content to write three well-formed paragraphs fairly quickly now let’s go a little bit deeper I’m going to show you how to take this and write a body paragraph with one of these proofs here are questions you can ask yourself about your statement to help give you the sentences you need to write each paragraph.

So do this exercise for each of the three statement you come up with that’s proving the point you want to make here so here are four questions you can ask yourself about mopeds are better than cars because they are more gas efficient to give you enough content to write a body paragraph how does this relate to my claim ask yourself this question for each of the three points that you just made about your claim they’re more gas efficient it relates to my claim because it costs less money to drive them they pollute the environment less because there’s less exhaust how does this support my claim it supports my claim because having a moped makes it cheaper for somebody to live means that they can spend their money on things like better food or education so on and so forth better access to the Internet whatever it is that they need to spend their money on that’s a better use of their money than a more expensive car and more expensive gasoline.|