Honesty and Writing Style

Most people who are applying are 16 17 18 19 years old right it should sound like someone in that age range and not like your English teacher right and so it is possible that you hand your essay off to somebody you can transform it so much so that we are like wow I can tell that this is no longer I’m a teenager who has crafted this essay it now belongs to your English teacher and it feels very different right so you talked a lot about being very honest to who you are but also don’t let someone else co-op’s that essay so that it no longer is you so that’s that’s a really important one sounds like you are 17 if you are 17 that is okay um couple of dudes do feel like you have the freedom to use that space how you want the only limitation is that word limit. Improve your writing style at Robotdon.com.

But in terms of style and structure diction all of that is up to you so feel free to use that as a creative space as a creative canvas for you to paint a story paint a narrative paint whatever you want me to know about you so I I think that is a big view because people intro body body body conclusion is a very powerful format that’s how I learned how to write an essay and if that’s right for you go ahead and write like that but if you feel like there’s another way that better shares how what you want to tell me or you know does just a better job of portraying that go ahead and do that and my other do is have fun with the process I mean that sounds crazy have fun with it like take pride in the things I you know you are happy about that you are sharing how fun exploring different things that excite you because those can be great launch points to start thinking about okay at college these are different ways for me to pursue that or you know different ways to reflect on your experience in your you know freshman sophomore junior year and continue doing those in senior years.

So that you know you leave high school with a great experience because all of these different aspects will play through your entire application and that energy drives through so you know enjoy the process and hopefully that alleviates a little bit of the stress because it is a stressful process but again as much as you can’t try to have fun with it I think another do is be as honest as you can I don’t know I can’t really stress that enough and if you are writing about an obstacle I mean the reality for a lot of people is that you don’t completely triumph over that obstacle but the small triumphs do matter and they are very powerful and but but do not make up something.