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Writer's Guide to Military Culture

Former soldier and Desert Storm veteran Linda Maye Adams walks you step-by-step to help the civilian fiction writer understand how military culture works.  From enlistment to war, this book takes you on a tour of what it’s like to be a soldier.  Do soldiers curse non-stop?  Do they always yell, “Yes, Drill Sergeant!” after every sentence?  What is the difference between an officer and an enlisted soldier?  If you don’t know anything about the military, this book will tell you where you can research information without having to go through basic training yourself. Smashwords

Cover for River FlightRiver Flight 

Princess Juliette didn’t want to be pampered.  She just wanted to work, so she joined the military as a boatman, learning how to navigate the country’s rivers.

But now her father and family are dead, and her uncle, thirsting for the throne, sends soldiers to kill Juliette.  Her only chance is to get to the Royal Guard, but she has to survive the enemy infested river first.  Smashwords

Cover for The Sea ListensThe Sea Listens

On leave from the Army, Meredith Talmadge struggles with answers to why her uncle walked into the sea. What drew him to a beach rumored to be haunted? What did he hear in the voices that ride the fog, voices that Meredith herself can hear? Now those voices call to Meredith, and what they seek will change her forever …

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Cover for Red, White, and TrueRed, White, & and True: Stories from Veterans and Families from World War II to Present, edited by Tracy Crow.

Even as we celebrate the return of our military from wars in the Middle East, we are becoming increasingly aware of the struggles that await veterans on the home front. Red, White, and True offers readers a collection of voices that reflect the experiences of those touched by war—from the children of veterans who encounter them in their fathers’ recollections of past wars to the young men and women who fought in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan.